June 17, 2018

A 52 Week Autobiography Through Music – Week 24 – The Police

As I look back I realize that the police were a band that I might have discovered entirely through listening to the radio as opposed to through a reference from someone I knew and this reminds me just how important the radio was to my friends and I at that time. Even with all the records that I was buying and that my friends boought we spent a significant amount of time listening to the radio and in the early 80s the police were on quite frequently. I had the vinyl of their second and third albums “Reggatta de Blanc” and “Zenyatta Mondatta”. I never owned “Ghost in the Machine”. I had “Synchronicity” but if I remember correctly I had that one on tape – cassette, which was a medium that I embraced in order to record albums for listening elsewhere such as in a car but never really embraced as the medium of choice for purchasing new music.

It has been fun revisiting this music over the past week and I suspect The Police will remain in rotation again for some time to come. For those of you interested in finding out more about this remarkable band here are a few links:



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