October 1, 2018

A 52 Week Autobiography Through Music – Week 39 – Sting

I have to say that as I am simultaneously working, being a father, trying to have a family life, as well as making a music of my own, having time to write after making the videos for the series is proving to be difficult. I will add one thing though that I didn't have time to speak about in the video. The album All This Time is a live record recorded at Sting's Italian Villa on September 11, 2001. The rehearsals leading up to the concert as well as the concert itself was filmed to make a documentary/concert film. About three in the afternoon Italy time on the day of the performance is when the band first heard the news about the terrorist attacks in the US on that day. The documentary shows the band visibly shaken and discussing whether or not they could even go on with the performance that was scheduled that night. In the end they did and it's amazing to see through the course of the performance how much of a curative effect the music had on the people in the band, many of whom live in New York City. It's really an emotional thing to see. I highly recommend it.

Sting's music has been a part of my life soundtrack since I first heard the police when I was about 13. Glad he is still at it.


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  1. Laurent de Schoutheete says:

    Thanks Darren.
    You’re right, Sting is just such a talented and prolific musician.
    Where can we see the documentary you describe?

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