October 7, 2018

A 52 Week Autobiography Through Music – Week 40 -Tori Amos

I sat down this week to talk about the fact that Tori's music was a part of my personal soundtrack from the release of Little Earthquakes though the late 90s but when it came time to make the video something completely different came out. Since I filmed this week's video I have listened to 3 of Tori's more recent albums that I had not heard yet and I was reminded of what attracted me to her music in the first place. She is an honest a songwriter as one is likely to find and while it can be sometimes challenging to listen to some of her songs the return on the investment is high.

I personally am grateful to be listening again to her music with much more life experience and open mindedness to the stories and points of view of women. I, like many men now, am confronted with the idea that consciously or not we have contributed to and promoted a culture that devalues and often harms women. I have hope that even this small bit of awareness will help to shape a better future for women in our society and I am glad that artists like Tori are fearlessly lighting the way to that better future.

More info about Tori here:


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  1. Patricia says:

    Well, that’s interesting! I would have to say that though I have no feeling for this music myself, she must be doing something right if she can provoke such a reaction in a “woke” guy.

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