December 16, 2018

A 52 Week Autobiography Through Music – Week 50 – 21st Century Electronic and Computer Music

Electronic Music has been around since Electricity was first harnessed but with the end of the 20th Century came an influx of new technology that enabled virtually anyone to experiment with and creat electronic music. Since then the number of musicians making and releasing electronic and computer music has increased exponentially.

This week I discuss just a handful of influences from this vast universe of music, including one project that I was directly involved in, although as a performer of an acoustic instrument.

The world of Electronic Dance Music, Techno, Dubstep and the other genres of club music are of almost no interest to me. In my mind lot of dance music is not meant to be experienced outside of a club environment and since I have never held any interest in dancing, or clubbing for that matter, I don't listen to or follow this particular corner of electronic music.

However as I mention in the video there are certain artists who come from that background who have made music that is interesting out of the context of a club environment. Anyone watching any of these videos of this series can see that my tastes in music in general lies somewhat outside the mainstream and sometimes very far from the mainstream. I find I appreciate electronic music for the diversity and endless sonic possibility that is afforded by modern technology. In this regard I tend to be interested in music that is sonically unlike anything I have heard before. If its just drums, bass, voice and synthesizers it tends to be a little too familiar.

Check out some of the artists in the Spotify playlist to hear even more of the artists to whom I have listened in recent years.


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