March 4, 2018

A 52 Week Autobiography Through Music – Week 9 – Led Zeppelin

A 52 Week Autobiography Through Music - Week 9 - Led Zeppelin from Pancycle on Vimeo.

What Memories, What a band! Led Zep has definitely withstood the test of time for me as even though they are not in frequent rotation these days their music still gets me. I still wish that I could have been Jimmy Page with whom I had an infatuation early in my listening days. There was just something too cool about the guy, the way he played his guitar slung real low and always looked so perfectly into the music he was playing. This is another early example of me really looking up to the guitarists more than the drummers back when I was young. I never wanted to play the guitar really but I - probably like a million other kids - thought the guitarists were the real deal in these bands. Read more about Zeppelin here:


4 Responses to A 52 Week Autobiography Through Music – Week 9 – Led Zeppelin

  1. Tim says:

    Same here. it seems like there is nary a dissent when it comes to Led Zeppelin. “In Through the Out Door” and “Physical Graffiti” show up regularly on my playlist if I get into a certain mood, and I still find things to hear in them.

  2. pcadmin says:

    Those two have always been my favorite of their records as well!

  3. Steve says:

    Just the other day i was listening to No Quarter on my commute… the live version from The Song Remains the Same, which I got before Houses of the Holy, thus making it my first and favorite version of the song. And I remember watching the film at the midnight movies at the UA150 in the Springs, probably with you and or David D, and realizing now that was probably my first exposure to really heavy, unrelenting blues based stoner rock and roll… i never understood why that song was John Paul Jones’ video vignette, when, to me at least, it’s a Page and Bonhom love fest. But there you go. I’ve been listening to LZ my whole life and won’t give up my addiction.

    • Pancycle says:

      I remember seeing that movie at least a few times and I am quite certain that Dan Read and Steve Dagnello were there as well.

      I too prefer the live version and if I am not mistaken it is for the same reason. I got Song Remains first.

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