6 Responses to A 52 Week Autobiography Through Music – Week 5 – Alvin Lee and Ten Years After

  1. Tim says:

    Indeed. It seems the Beatles introduced us to the idea of exploring all types of music and what it is made of. Their songs were examined in depth because it was such a phenomenon that there was lots of curiosity about “exactly is going on here?” and why? This led to the hearing and listening to the lyrics, arrangements, production, singing, harmonies and the instruments. Alvin Lee was always a favorite of mine. I saw him live three times.

    • Darren Dyke says:

      Indeed! The Beatles paved the way for everything that has happened in Rock and Roll since in my mind. Especially from a recording perspective. There was so much creative stuff happening with their use of the recording studio as an instrument. They existed just at the right moment in time while recording technology was changing very rapidly and they took what was available and pushed it to the limits.

  2. Patricia says:

    i started to respond by saying, “but what about jeff beck?”. then i thought, “but what about jimi hendrix?”. but then i thought, “why alvin lee?”, and then it made sense. he suits you.

    • Darren Dyke says:

      I of course meant everything I wrote in the other posts to be a reply to your comment. I didn’t click on the reply link… guess I have to learn to use my own blog…

  3. Darren Dyke says:

    Well Patricia as I say in the vid Alvin Lee’s playing might have influenced the beginning of my love for guitar and of course there was no Hendrix or Jeff Beck being played when I was 5,6 or 10 years old. There was something about that record. I heard it a lot. I just went back and listened to the whole thing and it’s really good, extremely recorded and mixed with lots of intriguing, creative sonic effects. Very good for an impressionable young mind I think. And that solo is just bad-ass.

  4. Darren Dyke says:

    I meant “extremely well recorded…”

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