March 6, 2018

Acousmatic meets Drum & Bass and they get on quite well.

Back in October during the Brussels Electronic Marathon I had the good fortune of hearing a talk on acousmatic music by a local electronic music producer named Adrien Glineur who’s work I find quite interesting and unique. Yesterday as a part of BLC – Bruxelles, Libre Culture on the campus of the L’Université Libre de Bruxelles I finally heard him do a set of his music which is often a collision between Acousmatic music and Drum and Bass or Techno. Some defining characteristics of Acousmatic music are great sound design and almost constant and unexpected shifts of texture and mood that grab keep one’s attention. I have long been attracted to these qualities in electronic music and I appreciate Adrien’s ability to blend elements that on their own could be abstract and sometimes sonically challenging with styles like Drum & Bass which gives the music an accessibility that it otherwise might not have. Below is one of tracks Adrien performed yesterday that I quite liked. There is plenty more music on the same Soundcloud site.


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