March 11, 2014


There has been a lot of travel and many changes in my world recently and while Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest etc. offer a peak into what is happening I feel that a rare and official statement  is in order.  In launching the new website last November I had every intention of keeping content current and information flowing not just about what was happening with me but with artists and musicians (with an emphasis on Pannists) who’s work I find intriguing as well. The last few months however have been full and I have not made the time to maintain this particular goal.  So here is a small step in that direction.

For those who don’t know I left Austin TX on February 3rd this year after having lived there for 12 years. I had been away for the better part of 2013 so it isn’t so new to not live there right now. In fact on paper and for all things pertaining to the US I still live there even though my body, mind, 2 of 4 bikes, some clothes and kitchen things now live in Brussels, Belgium.

I do love Austin and look forward very much to all my future visits (hopefully often) and to keeping in touch with all my friends there.

Brussels? Why Brussels? That’s a subject for another time and place and more probably a face to face conversation but suffice it to say that I have a very good reason and it’s a great city and I love it.

This move has some obvious implications: One is that there are a lot of frequent flyer miles coming my way.  I intend to keep tuning for the all the same programs that I have been working for over the years but clearly there is going to have to be much more advance planning. If you are reading this and have a band or pans that you would like me to tune please send me a message now and let me know, join the mailing list and also keep an eye on my schedule page for all upcoming tuning dates.

As of now I have no workshop in Brussels and will be taking some time before I move in that direction.  New instruments from Pancycle in the US are being built and tuned in Morgantown WV. I am very grateful to Ellie Mannette and the crew at Mannette Instruments as well and Chanler Bailey and Glenn Rowsey for their willingness to open the doors of their shops to me and to share recourses.  It has been a great pleasure to be back in close contact with Ellie and the others in the place where this whole tuning business began for me.  I will be making 3 more trips back to Morgantown this year to finish new pans.

Another current project that I am very excited about is the recording of the Inside Out Steel Band from Austin that is now in the mixing stage and should be released in the very near future.  It is always amazing to work with CJ Menge and to be a part of documenting some of what his program and students have been doing is a true honor.  Click here for more information about Inside Out.

That is about all for this post. Wishing all of you a wonderful spring as it seems it is approaching, at least here in Europe. Thank you for reading and please keep in touch.


Nantes, France







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