March 21, 2018

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

My wife recently shared with me the Magic Lessons produced by Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of Eat, Pray Love) and I have been listening to season 1 each morning as I cycle home after dropping my daughter off at school. In these 20 minute episodes (season 2 is a different format) Liz Gilbert has conversations with and gives feedback to artists of all sorts who for one reason or another are feeling stuck in their creative lives. The podcast stems from her book Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear, which you can learn about and buy here:

I find hearing other people talk about creativity can be helpful and inspiring even if the ideas are ones that I am familiar with and/or practice myself. Many of these conversations however are with other women artists and often address issues specifically related to women. I feel like I am gaining some insight in those moments as I am made to reflect on and challenge the effects of gender bias and other societal influences on my creative life. I am finding these podcasts to be a real breath of fresh air and I very much appreciate the spirit with which they are produced. I encourage anyone who is interested in a deeper exploration of their own creativity to listen to this podcast.


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