March 13, 2018

New Music from David Byrne – American Utopia and the Reasons to be Cheerful project

David Byrne has a new album and according to his newsletter just released today he is making videos, in collaboration with artists from around the US, of new interpretations of songs from his new record American Utopia. The first video was just posted today and it completely knocked me out so much so I am sharing it here. I have not heard his version of the song yet but I will be checking out the record soon. I am all the more excited for this current project as my friend Aaron Johnston is playing drums with the American Utopia band. Aaron is the second of my drummer friends to have the opportunity to play with DB! I am looking forward to their Europe tour dates. The new record is related to David’s “Reasons to be Cheerful” Project which you can read more about here:

It is always worth visiting David Byrne's website as it is constantly updated with current material. Unfortunately the recent incarnation took away the possibility of seeing the upcoming tour dates but I am sure that will be fixed soon enough as the tour is now underway. Go catch the band live if you can as I am sure it will be a great show. I read that David says it is the most adventurous show he has done since Stop Making Sense which makes it all the more compelling. The site is


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