October 20, 2015

Thank you note to Ryan Lott and the Son Lux Band too long for twitter

Son Lux banner
As one who was quite taken by We Are Rising – the final product as well as the unfolding story of making the record in a month, very well documented and promoted by NPR – I felt quite content to buy and listen to your subsequent productions without giving much thought to hearing any of this music live.  W.A.R. and Lanterns to me are more than just a collection of recorded songs, they’re a full on exploration of sound that could of course be listened to on a very surface level but with deeper listening revealed almost endless layers of interest and subtlety.
I had not kept up with Bones and the formation of the Son Lux band so I came to the show at AB last night I without a whole lot of expectations and mostly curiosity.  “How would this trio reproduce this music live?” was my question.  I got a hint of what might be coming from the pre show talk where I understood that Bones was a group effort and that the band was a fully realized entity of its own.  However I was not at all prepared for what was to come…  I knew I would hear good music, well played but I didn’t expect  to be so impacted by the totality of the experience.  Each member of the band gave it their all and it was clear that Rafiq and Ian take ownership of this music as much as you.  From the moment you three took the stage to the end it was clear that this live show was its own being – a distinct and separate musical entity, related to but not dependent on the studio productions.  Bravo!
Thank you for a great show, enjoy the rest of the tour.  All the best,

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