January 7, 2018

A 52 Week Autobiography Through Music – Week 1 – The Beatles

Today I am launching my Musical Autobiography in 52 parts, A weekly look at the music that was most influential in my life as a way to shed a little light on who I am and what makes me tick. My passion (sometimes obsession) for music started early and continues to this day. I hope this series of weekly posts will be entertaining, revealing and informative. Thanks for checking this one out and stay tuned for the next 51.

This first week begins with The Beatles, definitely one of my first musical memories and music that has stayed absolutely relevant for me for these 50 years. I have gone through a number of phases of listening to this music but in this post I refer to my very early years on earth - sometime around one when I was hearing and really reacting to music for the first time.

Here is a spotify playlist for this weeks post:


4 Responses to A 52 Week Autobiography Through Music – Week 1 – The Beatles

  1. Dim says:

    Such a brilliant idea to span 50 years of life with 52 weeks of emblematic songs!!

    A splendid way to enter a bustling mind and a unique character.

    Let the weekly songs flow!

  2. Zack Orr says:

    love this. Rock on.

  3. aimee f monger says:

    rad! i’m inspired already.

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