November 13, 2013

Time well spent…

Occasionally I find myself sitting at my computer with a lot of time on my hands, my digital audio recorder, and plenty of fizzy water and out pops something like this…

This one was conceived of as I sat listening to my friend Cloud Shorty have a very private phone conversation in Chinese.  I apologize in advance for any undo harm that this mashup will cause.  Thank you for listening.

Best,  Darren



One Response to Time well spent…

  1. Janine says:

    You’re a weirdo, but you know that an like it. This is NOT far removed from DJs do, so…that means you should like hip-hop, and by extension, funk. I think this audio tried to loop itself and freaked out, after one play. Btw, I think you mean “undue” not “undo.” 🙂 L8R Sk8R!

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